8 months


Jindo Mix

8kg (17.64lb)


Two little puppies were abandoned in the countryside in South Korea. When they were rescued, the older pup got attacked by a larger dog in the shelter and was killed instantly. Barbie was the other puppy who survived alone. When her brother got killed, she was right next to him covered with blood. She was shattered and very intimidated for a while. It seemed like she was traumatized from the accident. Our staff in Korea has tried to give Barbie as much love to make her recover her confidence. Barbie is currently in her foster home in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Surprisingly Barbie is very happy and energetic. Her foster mom is giving her house training and walking training. She gets quite nervous to go out for a walk. But she is learning things quickly and getting better everyday!


Barbie is gentle with her other friends in the foster home and she is totally fine with any size of human including small children.

We hope to send her to somebody whose life style is very active and who can wait patiently until Barbie overcomes her trauma and be herself as a perfect happy dog!

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